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The foundation of every pedigree has to start on the Dam side. They may not have the antlers on their heads, but we believe the doe is responsible for 60% or more of the pass-down traits in a pedigree. The best way to emulate a buck is to breed with his daughters.

A doe can take a few years to prove herself as a producer. The only way to find out is to give them time. Over the years, we have picked out the cream of the crop and built on these foundational lines.

A few of those foundational doe's in our award-winning history include...

Blue 3, HH Triple Crown & Summit's Mom

Yellow 66, Maxbo's Greatest Daughter

White 52, Justified's Mom

Blue 713, Black Widow's Mom

Pink 576, Picante & Spicy's Mom

WCR 416, Open Wide's Mom

White 9, Timbercrown's womb sister

White 627, Super producer & Ringo's Mom. 

Insano @ 2


Through years of intricate breeding strategy, we have been able to build a herd filled with breeding-quality bucks. We strive for frames that have it all, tine length, width, long beams, and a symmetric layout from side to side to keep a traditional "typical" look with appealing extras.

Bucks on the farm must be a minimum of two years old to be considered for farm sire, Out of around one hundred bucks, only 7-10 will be used to cover and back up our industry-leading does.

Legendary farm sires include...

HH Triple Crown

HH Black Widow

HH Justified

HH Double Spice

HH Summit

HH Open Wide

HH Mohawk

HH Timbercrown

HH Tall Boy

Black Widow _ 2.jpg
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