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Double H Whitetails

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Our Farm

Since 2009

We started off as a hobby, with three does, and a single yearling buck, and since have grown ​to a successful breeding operation with over 200 head of adult deer.

From the beginning, we have been very selective with the genetics we invest in, and it has proven to build one of the highest-performing deer breeding farms in the Country. Breeding for an overall impressive specimen not only in antler size and look but body and demeanor as well. 

Along with selective breeding, our animal husbandry standards are an industry best setting our animals up to grow to their full potential. We are with our herd each and every day with eyes on each one to ensure our animals and grounds are in excellent form.


Our Story

The Animals We Love

Owner Ivan Hochstetler grew up hunting and fishing and has always loved North America's game animals. He and his wife Ruby instilled His passion for the outdoors in each of their five kids and continue to do so with 10 (and counting) Grandchildren.

Our first deer were purchased in 2009 from Ivan's brother Aden Hochstetler, a pioneer in deer farming in Ohio. With a steep learning curve in the following years, through hands-on experience, we developed the expertise needed in breeding strategy and animal husbandry that keeps Double H Whitetails at the cutting edge of deer farming.


Everyone who knows us understands that without Ruby "Mama Deer" Hochstetler's hard work, motherly care, and natural instinct, the farm would not have found the success it has. The whole family loves to get their hands on the work, whether it's AI day or an evening loading a trailer full of monster bucks. The future is bright at the farm.

Come see us and experience what sets us apart at Double H Whitetails.

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